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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

We provide our customers with an integrated operation covering order fulfilment, storage and distribution, all of which can be scaled and customised to fit our specific business requirements

Efficient business practices combined with decades of experience in suppying third party logistics helps us understand the invidual needs of our customers. Our friendly and professional team give us the edge over large 3PL logistics providers and our growing customer base is testament to our dedication towards our supply chain management service.

We use PCS Storage And Distributor software to manage the storage, picking and packing of orders. This industry leading supply chain management software combined with our comprehensive distribution services gives customers tangible operational and financial benefits from our 3PL logistics.

Warehouse Storage And Distribution

A central part of our Third Party Logistics (3PL) offering is warehousing and distribution.

Using 3PL services from Seabourne, your warehousing and distribution processes will become more streamlined across the board - from stock management and reporting to distribution and delivery.

Shipment Tracking