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Cash On Delivery ( COD) Service

About the Service

According to the agreement between the shipper (the seller) and the receiver (the buyer), PCS provides express delivery services for the shipper’s shipments (goods) as below options:

Option 1: Collection of Cash on postage costs from receiver
Option 2: Collection of Cash On Delivery fee and postage costs and payment for the item from receiver, and then returns the payments collected to the shipper (the seller) within the agreed time limit.

  Cooperation Mode

Upon signing of a COD Service Contract with PCS, the customer is entitled to enjoy the COD service of PCS.

 Recommended Products

- Applicable to customers, specifically for e-commerce and TV shopping
- Applicable to customers specifically for courier services

 Service Coverage

Shipments delivered within Hanoi, Hochiminh city and major city of Vietnam .

 Time of Payment Return

Quick return options: Day+1, Day + n (with a flexible and customized return cycle), Weekly, Monthly

How to Charge

Service fees will be charged based on customer types, return cycles and COD amounts. For details, please consult with PCS.

Service Features

  1. Security of the customers' shipments and cash is guaranteed with PCS high quality services;
  2. Multiple return options such as Day+1, Day + n (with a flexible and customized return cycle), Weekly, Monthly are supported.
  3. No limit COD amount per single shipment can be collected.
  4. Account statements can be checked easily and quickly, with email and paper statements supported as well.
  5. Multiple payment methods such as TTR, Cash, and Credit Card are available.

For more information, please call +84- 937 787 080 – Mr. Tuan- Operations Manager.
(Definition of the Day+1 service: Payment will be settled the next day for shipments successfully delivered daily by PCS courier)